Admiraliteitskade 50-407

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Experience the unique urban charm of the city! Our hidden gem in Rotterdam - De Nieuwe Admiraliteit (DNA)! Modern, stylish, and intimate is what characterizes best our metropolitan building.

DNA is composed of three large 14-story towers comprising a wide variety of self-contained fully furnished studios and apartments. This apartment is fully furnished and has a private kitchen and bathroom. Please note, linen is not included in the inventory. The residence has large windows, allowing plenty of light to enter the room and offering beautiful views of the city.

Our office is conveniently located at the ground level of the building. Residents of DNA have access to the launderettes in each tower, bike shed, and parking garage (if included in your contract). Moreover, as a tenant, you can make use of the two meeting points and two rooftop terraces, with spectacular views of the Rotterdam skyline..


Naam Admiraliteitskade 50-407
Type Onbekend
Aanbieder Huurportaal-Nl
Oppervlakte 37