For Rent Nuinhofstraat, Nuth, Netherlands €360 Monthly

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STERCKWONEN offers: In a neat and tidy environment, this beautiful room in Beekdaelen former municipality of Nuth.

The room has a tiled floor. There is a communal kitchen with two cooking facilities, two showers and two toilets. The common rooms are shared with 6 other residents. The maintenance of the common areas is done weekly.

The rent does not include 90.00 service costs per month which are for g/w/e, internet and TV, weekly cleaning of common areas etc. Nuth / Beekdaelen Nuth was a municipality in the Dutch province of Limburg until 31 December 2018. The main town was the eponymous church village of Nuth. The municipality had 15,201 inhabitants (1 January 2018, source: CBS) and an area of 32.63 km (of which 4 km water).

On 1 January 2019, Nuth merged with the neighboring municipalities of Onderbanken and Schinnen to form the new municipality of Beekdaelen. The municipality of Nuth was a merged municipality, created after two municipal redivisions: in 1821 with the addition of Vaesrade and in 1982 with the addition of Hulsberg, Schimmert and Wijnandsrade. At the same time Kathagerbroek (until then belonging to the municipality of Hoensbroek) was added. The municipality of Nuth had 5 villages and 25 hamlets and hamlets.

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Naam For Rent Nuinhofstraat, Nuth, Netherlands €360 Monthly
Type Onbekend
Aanbieder Huurportaal-Nl
Oppervlakte 21
Aantal kamers 1
Postcode 6361